War On Love
Romantic? Undoubtedly.
Hopeless? Never.

Kalysse Anthony, 20 , LA
Photographer: Demar Watson of Urban Snap Photography

This is a beautiful shot…


Some of u guys just truly don’t realize how lucky u are to have parents, both of them, who can help u out financially whenever u need it. Or any family member who can help u for that matter.


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Anonymous said: White and green (:

White: 3 facts about my personality

1. Playful

2. Loyal

3. Passionate

Green: 8 facts about my body

1. I have a little mole on the left side of my lower back

2. I guess my skin is super soft, because everyone always says it (Guys & Girls)

5. I have a huge birthmark on the inner part of my right thigh

4. I’m really ticklish everywhere (It’s a curse)

5. I have a cyst on my left knee from a car accident

6. I have big round almond shaped eyes

7. My right boob is bigger than my left (I think…Lol)

8. I have naturally thick eyebrows



"And If I had one wish come true I’d surf till the sun sets Beyond the horizon”